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    Default How long do you swing?

    In ETK, Pavel recommends swing the KB for 12 minutes. I really like doing swings and like doing them for a minimum of 20 minutes.

    Am I over training by swinging for 20 minutes?

    If you use swings in your routine, how long do you like to do them?


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    Default How long do you swing?

    Just curious, how many swings do you do in a set? How long are your breaks between sets?

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    Default Clarify please...

    Yeah the ETK recommendations are a good guideline and you can extend that time if you like. 12 minutes of hard swings are gonna get you in very good shape though (if your bell is heavy enough).

    When you do the VO2 max. for 50 sets that takes 25 minutes total time and is a nice workout.

    For the 12 minute ETK, most comrades would have to take a least one rest break in there if not more.

    If you can swing for 20 minutes straight you are an animal!

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    rifstonian Guest

    Default How long do you swing?

    you can build up to doing a lot of swings without overtraining if you build up progressively.Especially if it is your main form of training.
    Check out Tracy's blog and see what type of consistent volume swing training is possible


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    Default How long do you swing?

    Your post reminded me of likeing to alternate hands. I like to 10 swings per hand then switch hands this way my grip does not fatigue. If I try to 20 rep's per hand I find I do not get as much total work done becuase my grip goes south as soon as my forarm's get pumped. So you might have toplay around with how many to do per arm to get the most work done in a given period of time. Some guy's on this site can do 50-100 per arm with no problem but I do not do that well.

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