hi im teaching at the danish acting school and friday28/9 was last day of this semester so i wanted to see what shape the students were in. after a brief warmup they did :
swings 40 sek-20 sek off-the planck 40 sek-20 sek off-procastinations 40 sek
3 rounds off these. then 12 out of 20 volountered to try swinging 200 in 10 min.
2 groups of 6. 2 of the girls used 12kg -one 16kg.... 2 of the boys used 20kg - one 16 kg.
they all got 200 reps in 10 min after training 2 times a week for 9 weeks.
i know it aint fantastic compared to results seen here at this forum, but i was proud of them.
now i need to get in supershape:-)
lol kim