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    Default decreasing running times with VO2 Max protocol? + another question

    Can you use the kettlebell VO2 max protocol for running?
    ex. Run for 1min all out, take 60% of that distance, use the 36:36sec time period
    Would this protocol be effective for 1-3mile times? How often per week?
    Also is it possible to lose muscle mass While strength training? Say my chest is too big (too much benching) so i work a different move (ex overhead press) Can I lose muscle mass in a certain area and maintain/perhaps even gain mass in another? (I'd keep protein & overall cals. low)
    thnx -dan-

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    Default decreasing running times with VO2 Max protocol? + another question

    If you try to work with the distance method, most people tend to try to sprint it. This will shorten the time it takes to finish their set, giving them more time to rest. This also changes the energy system over to anaerobic. Not your goal.

    Remember, it's not as much about distance as pace. Just start out very slow and, after each minute, increase the speed slightly. When you have get to the sixth minute, go as fast as you can at a pace that allows you to go fast as you can without stopping for at least one minute. This will be your interval training pace.

    This will do wonders for your 1-3 mile run times. I've used a similar method in the past to improve my runs for PT tests. Perform it 2-3 times per week depending on your other training. Retest your cadence every fourth week, making that your only running workout for that week.

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    Default the VO2max protocol

    works great with running but your Vo2max pace is reflected by how far you can run in 6 min. and that is what you base your intervals on. I love using this protocol for running also. 3 times per week should be no problem.


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