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    Default Tips on developing your pull-ups (Long - Sorry)

    Thanks a lot for replying to my question about pullups earlier. A couple of questions though - you say doing more than 50 reps is a waste of time, but in ETK Pavel recommends doing ladders until you can do 5x(1-2-3-4-5), which is 75 in total. Another thing - you describe what you call power ladders (or pre-set ladders) - how are they different from "regular" ladders and described by Pavel in ETK? The very last queestion - your program for bodyweight and weighted pullups is for more advanced people - I can do 2, may be 3 if I am very fresh pullups - what is the best approach for me to get up to 5 pullups maximum? Thanks again!

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    Default Maybe take your 3 as RM and work accordingly...

    I'm not good at pull-ups, either. You say 3 is your max; so you can start doing only 1 complete pull-up, using GTG (greasing the groove). After 2-3weeks, I think your new max will be 4, so you can start to do 2 complete pull-ups on GTG, and so on. After 6-8 full pull-ups, things may fall into place by themselves...

    I repeat: this opinion is based exclusively on what I read, because I'm more concerned on incresing my RM on powerlifts and by definition one cannot SPECIALISE in many different things.

    Naked Warrior may be a good place to start, too... Good luck!

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