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    Default Sheiko, then Smolov too much?

    I would take 1 week off after Sheiko, go through the full Smolov, take 2 weeks off and go back to Sheiko.

    You could do some Westside-style cycles after Smolov, if you like them. I feel they are great for recovery and bringing up the weak links in your lifts, if you have what it takes.

    However, don't even think to complete the full Smolov more than twice/year: I tryed this madness last year and got terrible coccis, shoulder&knee pains. My legs have become much, much stronger but my back&shoulder could not bear the weight. I had to take 2months off completely and had an experience similar to yours: rapid strength loss (from 268kg Squat to 228kg; from 180kg benchpress to 140kg! The deadlift stayed the same!).

    Don't neglect active recovery. Kettlebell Swings, presses, etc, done in 20-30rep range, help me to recover big time. I used to push/drag (pull-throughs were my favourites) my car for steps on a mild hill.

    Be strong, stay fresh. Power to you!

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    Default Sheiko, then Smolov too much?

    Thanks, what work were you doing for your bench during smolov???

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