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    Default Com. Pavel - Question on Sub-Maximal Isometrics

    Comrade Pavel,

    I have a few questions about sub-maximal isometric exercises (like holding a horse stance or partial push-up in one place for longer and longer periods of time).

    Is this a valuable type of training? Do you think that anything is developed other than muscular endurance?

    Do you think that the muscular endurance that's developed is only for a particular position (like the mid-range of a push-up) or does it develop endurance throughout the whole range of motion?

    When would you recommend that someone use this training method, if ever?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

    Comrade Omar

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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Re: Com. Pavel - Question on Sub-Maximal Isometrics

    Comrade Omar, good to have you back! If you have a sport specific reason to do so. If you want to get stronger for a lift you will benefit from contractions up to 2min in duration. Isos in the stretched positions build mass and strength for the full ROM. What are you trying to accomplish? Please start a new thread.

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