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    Default feed-forward-tension easy done with electic shock?

    one of my friends told me that bruce lee would use electric shocks to strengthen his muscles. it sounds to me like this method could be an easier way to do the feed forward tension technique as mentioned in PTP. the only difference is that your mind is relaxed while your muscles are receiving a stimuli from an external source. i don't know for sure if this works the same though, any opinions on this???

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    Default feed-forward-tension easy done with electic shock?

    Steve B.'s explanation is quite spot on.

    Also remember that there are structural reason why muscles don't fire at a higher rate. You can literally tear yourself apart.

    I remember hearing about a study where they did something similar to subjects doing leg extensions. When they recruited the quads to near 100% capacity, the subjects' patellas were split apart.

    There are reasons why we have neural inhibitors...

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