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    Default how does the feed-foreward tension technique work?

    thanks guys! not what i was looking for but i guess that would do.

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    Default Not that I give a damn what you are looking for...

    If you feel you may not like an answer to a question, go back to the forest and take your post out of here.

    Tendons are simply extensions of muscle. If you have tension in teh muscle, you have tension in the tendon. Period, end of story.

    Your body, including connective tissue - adapts to the stresses placed upon it (SAID principle). Your training should train you for what is going to happen in life. Things like working, moving, playing sports put stresses on your body, including connective tissue.

    YOu have to train the connective tissue (an everything else) to be able to handle what happens for it. Life is ballistic (falls, sports, etc.) and that is why you need some ballistic training.

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