In Enter The Kettlebell when demonstrating the TGU, Pavel states when its time to stand up "do it anyway you like as long as its seamless", but he always has the knee up that is on the same side as the arm holding the KB overhead. I can rise pretty readily when holding the KB in my left hand with the left knee up, but doing this on the right side is tough. When I shift my legs on the sitting up part to put the leg opposite the arm holding the KB aloft, I can punch right up to standing very smoothly. My question is whether doing things this way seriously degrades the benefits of the TGU? I have no problem just toughing out the technique as illustrated if I have to. I think my difficulty comes from many years of long gun training and shooting. Being right handed, rising up from the kneeling position withe the right knee on the ground is easy from years of doing it. Rising from the left knee feels foreign (at least for the time being).