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    Default Cycling alternatives for PttP and RoP, need help please

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried alternating 1 week of PttP and then 1 week of RoP. I shy away of doing the 6 week cycle, as it seems I'd loose any cardio benefit of swings/snatches if i don't do them for 6 weeks.

    Currently, I am doing a mix, RoP with heavy DLs (well, I consider them heavy) on variety days. But, I am noticing that I am doing too many days in a row of swings and DLs, and the lack of rest is causing me to be fatigued during swings and DLs. Apparently 5 days of working out is taking it's toll. I was thinking 3 days RoP on one week then 3 days PttP the next week. Six weeks of that, and then I back off.

    I will admit, that I do not sleep as much as I should and my diet is not as disciplined as it could be, but being a dad of a 3 and a half year old and 8 month triplets, I make do with what I can. Being able to work out 5 times a week is a feat unto itself.

    Any ideas would help.

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    Default Cycling alternatives for PttP and RoP, need help please

    I think that alternating one week of each will not give you the benefits of either program. The best way is to cycle the two programs, staying on one probram long enough to see the benefits it's designed to give you, then go to the other program. You won't lose *too* much of your DL with ROP because of all the posterior chain work from the swings/snatches. And if you add in some short conditioning work with PTP you won't lose too much of your wind during your PTP cycle.

    Another alternaive is to find a different total body strength move to do during your Variety days of ROP. If the DL is cutting into your recovery because of all the glute/ham/back work from all the swinging and snatching with the ROP, you could choose a squat movement for your strength move. Maybe a Front Squat or High Bar BS to take some of the glute/ham/lower back out of the movement as opposed to the low bar BS.

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