Ah, that seems like a pretty good plan. I'd have to go through it to judge it of course, but I kind of like doing high rep squats What I like most about my method is that when it comes time to make my attempt, my body will have become accustomed to 100 or more reps already so it wont be so much a severe mental strain as would going from 5 sets of 20 or 2 sets of 50. Going from 100 in 2 sets to 100 in 1 set is a big jump. BUT, I think I will add in some 5x20's or 3x33's+1 kind of sessions. No need to deaden the variety down to a simple 10x10 and 1x100.

Judging by how you killed those SCFs, you may find you can take down the DC's pretty fast It wasn't until I started bending them and posting vids on YouTube that guys on the gripboard started jumping in and bending bigger shoes. Only last December DC's were still a pretty elite bend and not many guys could take them down. Then they see skinny little me taking them down and suddenly everyone is a DC bender