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    Matthew Green UK is offline Senior Member
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    Default ZHealth & CK-FMS how and why use both

    'Z is something they (and you) should do everyday for the rest of your lives'
    Couldnt agree more!

    Im interested though, how do you think the FMS works with the SAID principle? If you improve at an Overhead Squat the you improve at an overhead Squat. So what? If you do overhead squats then great but if not I dont see the point.
    I appreciate that all drills have carryover but why not just use the actual drills you want to be doing with people as a movement screen? I use front squats, lunges, swings, deadlifts etc as screens because this is what I do with clients. I can see imbalances etc and use Z and movement awareness to fix them up.
    (i.e. someone cant lock out their arm on an overhead press so I just do some opp. joint work or whatever else might work from R-Phase and take it from there.)

    Not trying to slag off the FMS or anything, just interested!

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    Chuzzy, RKC is offline Senior Member
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    Default ZHealth & CK-FMS how and why use both


    It's not just about the over head squat. The seven test all help to indentify any problems in the body. And each test backs up the previous test. At first you might think its one thing and you do another test and realise it was or is something else.

    I've found the system works. And using it along side the RKC system it becomes more effictive. They really do go hand in hand.

    I can went till next month i get to try it on some world champ cage fighters.

    Matt the comment you made about the overhead squat. Come on i expect more from you. It's like me saying Elbow circles. So what? How many do you really want to do. lol

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    darryllardizabal is offline Senior Member
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    Default ZHealth & CK-FMS how and why use both

    I know I'm new here but to give more light in terms of what Matthew is saying is that the SAID principle governs everything...Your body always adapts to exactly what you do, no question. The overhead squat is not used to the same extent as an elbow circle is used (locked out elbow circle for reaching far away objects, 90 degree flexion for holding boxes, people, so forth and so on.

    Problem with the overhead squat is most people you encounter are first learning how to do the move, and no matter what are going to have some problems; just as you may have had when you first learned how to squat or deadlift.

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