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    Default Help with card tearing

    Dave and Adam are far more advanced in tearing than myself, but if your using a thumbless pinch grip on the cards, you can do what I call the "plywood lift". Get a piece of plywood or steel(or something solid) that is 3/4" thick(the thickness of most decks) that you can hang weight from. All you have to do is lift the device with a thumbless pinch grip. I can tell you, having tested my device on the very best in grip, some with 10" hands and the current american grip champion, doing more than 45lbs in that manner is TOUGH. Just imagine the grip you would use to lift a sheet of plywood or drywall and that is the exact position your hand should be in for the lift. Adam, you should give it a go

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    Default Help with card tearing

    Zach is correct. I do not recommend using the thumbless twist to tear decks anymore, but thats because i do some wild tears. If thats what you like, do the plywood lift.

    Zach, on that lift:
    I have been doing it for a year, you wouldnt believe me if i told you the weight I can use

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