Hello, Topmaul:

Absolutely, sir!

Quoting the last two paragraphs on page 19 from the "Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Manual August 2008":

We view strength as a skill (all bold is from the text itself)) and approach our training as a "practice", not a "workout". "At the RKC, we emphasize the technical performance over routines, exercises, workouts," stresses Bob Lawrence. "They are marginal until technique is perfect."

In summary,
RKC teaches how to focus the scattered
energies of the body into a directed all-out effort while minimizing the odds of injuries.

May we continue in our efforts to "improv[e] [our] technique all the time", Topmaul!

My RKC, Zachariah Salazar, yelled at me during today's midnight "practice" at his gym: "Dammit, clench your glutes!!" during a set of swings, and "C'mon--first dip small, second dip big!!" while performing one-arm kb jerks.

Even RKCs need RKCs; that my friend, is a surety.


PS: I appreciate your attitude about this "Hard Style" journey we are on.