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Thread: 100 reps

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    Zach Coulter is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2008

    Default 100 reps

    Trust me when I tell you that 100 straight rep squats(without putting the weight down or "shaking out" your legs) will absolutely destroy you if you are not SUPERBLY conditioned. I was not and did 100 reps while holding a 50lb blob and, to say the least, it was hard. Unless your planning on the 10x10 and only said 100 as in total reps, that's a different planet compared to 100 straight reps. Good luck with it!!!

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    Atl is offline Senior Member
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    Default 100 reps

    No I am doing 10x10. The 10x10 deads were bad enough. I feel somewhat like I was hit by a train today. However that is an indication that my work was effective. Within 2 weeks of starting this high rep work I suspect soreness will cease to be an issue.

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