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    Default hard time getting my glut medius to kick in can anyone help

    For video purchases you want Resilient and Secrets of the Hip and Knee (and Primitive Patterns by Gray Cook, but lets not break the wallet).

    I like the lunges, step ups and 1LDL's from Secrets and LOVE the Russian KB Hack Squat from Resilient. Pavel also has a great sequence on the lunge that you will enjoy.

    Those should get you started.

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    Default hard time getting my glut medius to kick in can anyone help

    I'm surprised at the quality of responses in this thread. Well done chaps.

    As said single leg work will benefit you greatly. The single leg deadlift as suggested by Steve.

    The clam shell while good wont teach you the correct motor patterns which with the gluteus medius is normally a case of it not firing or not holding on so strengthening it usually isnt needed. Again hit up the single leg DL, and feel that medius tremble....emphasis on high reps.

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