Hello, W2:

Happy birthday, Gyrene. I was discharged on our birthday, 37 years ago.

Here's some "scoop" for your question mark:

"The United States Marine Corps trace its heritage the the British Royal Marines. Although the current ranks of the Royal Marines number quite small compared to today's US Marines (7,000 vs. 175,000), both Corps of Marines have stood side by side in conflicts around the globe and maintain their close ties. Both Corps of Marines frequently have liaison officers on exchange with each other. The USMC emblem was loosely modeled from the Royal Marines. Neither Corps' emblems incorporates a shield signifying defense, unlike those of other services.

During the war of 1812 with England, the British burned nearly every public building in Washington (including the White House and the Capitol Building). The Marine Barracks were spared the burning out of respect.

By the way, today's VO2Max "practice" was performed to the strains of the James Gang, "Rides Again" album: Funk #49 is one of my all-time favorite tunes. (Roger, W2: Joe Walsh before the Eagles.)

For my P.M. practice, I will be executing 233 Hardstyle "swings" for you and our beloved Corps, Williams. And of course, the obligatory "one more for the Corps" will be added to the 233, so we will have "one to grow on!"

Semper Fi,
PFC Peter Hunt, 0311
(Busted from Corporal for--respectfully, as I recollect---explaining to my Company XO, into precisely what orifice he could insert his "mission.")
1st Plt., "I" Co., 3/7
Que Son Valley, Republic of Vietnam