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    Default Semper Fidelis and Happy 233rd Birthday to our Marine Corps

    Hello, Fellow Marine:

    This Leatherneck is quite familiar with you Bootnecks. Two of your officers went through our Amphibious Recon School (1969)--conducted out of Coronado Island Naval Base, and then just a wonderful ferry ride from San Diego. Your officers acquitted themselves very well throughout the training, and all of us Jarheads loved listening to them share all the stories about their training at Lympstone.

    Orbster, your comrades were in absolute top shape generally, and could run like the wind specifically. However, when I nonchalantly suggested that they could use some extra time improving their "ocean swimming" skills, they immediately got the Chief's and the Gunny's permission for me to escort them on some mileage in the water on Sundays--our only day off in the training week.

    I was pleasantly surprised, and a bit sheepish at first, by the way the two Captains forged a friendship with me--a Private First Class. Anyway, our swims proceeded very well on those Sundays, and Mike and Trevor returned the favor--I didn't see this extra "fun" as a favor: I thought our swim-sessions were an order!--by selecting my boat team for our half of the Marine/Marine Exchange Program. Me and my six mates were going to England, by Jove!!

    Alas, the entire class (Alpha Platoon, 5th Recon Bn.) got orders to the 'Nam, so that put the kibosh on Lympstone: plainly, this still sticks in my craw as a great disappointment, Orbster.

    Anyway, thanks for "listening," Marine. You Bootnecks are A-J Squared Away in my book!

    Sempers and Per Mare Per Terram to you.

    Peter Hunt
    India Co., 3rd Bn., 7th Marine Regiment
    Que Son Valley, Republic of Vietnam (It was a republic when I was there!)

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    Default Semper Fidelis and Happy 233rd Birthday to our Marine Corps

    It's always good to hear stories (or "dits" as we Booties like to call them) from fellow brothers in arms Pete. There is a special unspoken understanding between all that have taken up arms for their country and what you say about commissioned oficers forging friendships with a PFC is typical of the "esprit de corps".

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