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    Default Should I adjust my routine?

    Pasha, If you're progressing and enjoying your routine why change. Go until you feel you need a change. Or change presses to bottoms up presses to give you a different challenge. Throw in some form of squat once a week to mix things. Or get ups, or windmills. The variety is endless even with a single bell.

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    Default Should I adjust my routine?

    I wonder how I should increase my snatch endurance.. I am probably close to pulling off a 100 swings in a set, but I struggle with more than 10 snatches per arm.

    But once again, I've only been at it for about 3 regular weeks, on and off before due to being sick.

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    Default Should I adjust my routine?

    I think you've outgrown your kettlebell. You could duct tape some barbell plates to the bottom, maybe two 5lb. plates and use it for swings and presses. That will strengthen your hips and shoulders and make your snatch #s go up. You could also add chains for pressing but I wouldn't want to swing that way.

    Take the plates off for snatching. When you can afford the heavier KB, you'll be ready.

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