An acquaintence of mine will be holding a serious grip competition at the famous Metroflex gym in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, January 24th 2009. The list of competitors already includes some big grip names and some new grip converts from strongman and at least 1 former champion Pro armwreslter. No word yet on Coleman, but there is a slim chance if the guy putting on the show can get ahold of him in time.

Here is the link to the contest info on Gripboard:
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For those not interested in signing up on gripboard to see the info, here is the link to the contest info on the US Handstrength Blog:
US Handstrength: Metroplex Mayhem at Metroflex

I will not be attending as it is several hundred miles away for me, but I know plenty of you are interested in grip and several of you are in Texas, so drop on by
Entry fee is $35 due by January 1st, more info provided in the links.