Sunday, Feb 1. 2009 1pm - 5pm at the Harris Academy!

"Hard Style, High Density - The RKC 6 Requirements and Program Design"

We'll be quickly reviewing Program Minimum (Deadlift, Swing, and Turkish Cheng-Up), then going into Harris-style depth on the Clean, Press, Front Squat, and Snatch.

This is a high-density and highly-detailed workshop. Do not expect a workout, but rather come to learn the details of movement, safety, and strength that make the RKC exercises so brutally effective!

As usual, the Functional Movement System implications for each and every detail of these exercises will be discussed, demonstrated, and drilled in to each of you.

If you're a novice who wants to find out what the hype's all about, a Crossfitter who wants to learn the finer points of training with KBs safely, an aspiring kettlebell instructor, a high-performance athlete who needs to have the ultimate edge, someone looking to lose flab, or a tactical operator who needs to have the raw, explosive strength to throw an insurgent out of a window*, then clear your schedule for that afternoon and come to learn from Dr. Mark Cheng, Chief Instructor of Kettlebells Los Angeles and one of the RKC system's most highly ranked and sought after instructors.

Cost: $100 for non-Harris International members / $60 for Harris International members and affiliates / $20 for any Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton or MCAS Miramar / NO Charge for attendees of the Camp Pendleton RKC

Questions? Hit up the Doc at

We strongly suggest that you pre-register for this event, as Doc's next kettlebell workshop in San Diego may not happen until this Summer 2009.

* Yes, this really happened with one of our kettlebellers who's on deployment! He was clearing a house and didn't have time to turn his rifle to shoot the insurgent bearing down on him, so he just grabbed the attacker and pitched him headlong out of a window, essentially saving the lives of his men who were following behind him.


The day before that, on Saturday, January 31, from 12noon - 3pm, Prof. Roy Harris will be teaching an intensive seminar on the Leg Locks that have made him and his fighters such a danger on the mat! For pre-registration, please visit!