For anyone following my squat goal of BWx100, here is a quick update.

When I started out, my maxes were 275/265/440 for a total of 980@185. My squat was not too impressive. My thighs were 23.5" at their widest and my BW hovered around 181-185.

Now, several months along here and with a slightly modified version of my original program: My maxes are 330/275/440 for a total of 1045@190. My squat has jumped 55lbs(I am positive I could hit 340 fresh) and my pressing has gotten much much stronger. About a month ago, I started eating more than I did before and cleaning up my diet a tiny bit and now I sit here averaging nearly 200lbs. I did not gain much fat over the months either. My thighs are 26" at their widest and all of my lifts have gotten stronger, even in my many grip pursuits.

For those unaware, my original squat plan was to do 100 reps each week with decreasing weight and increasing intensity. First week I started off with 135 for 10x10, then 115x20x5, 95x25x4, 75x33x3, 55x50x2 and finally 45x100x1. The idea was to add 5-10lbs each cycle until I reached 185x100x1 on the last week. I figured the lighter weight for higher reps would still give me time enough to recover. Not so.

I decided to put that whole program off for a bit and switch it up every week with something simple. I would do high reps one week and low reps/heavy weight the next and alternate. Doing that is what upped my squat so much so far. Once my squat is up to or passed 400, I will commence with the first version of the program and make it every 10-12 days instead of every week.