Level I Kettlebell Workshop
Sunday March 22nd 9am-1pm
through Kinespirit @ Studio Riverside
Learn the art of strength
·Learn why kettlebells are a great compliment to GYROTONIC ® training.
·Acquire techniques to efficiently increase your strength and endurance while adding flexibility.
·Master the basics of swings, presses, squats, pistols, Turkish get-ups, cleans, jerks, snatches, windmills, and many other great exercises.
·Train your nervous system to permanently increase physical capacity without excess bulk.
Strength, endurance, fat loss, muscle development & tone, flexibility, coordination, mental focus…
Whatever your goal is, let’s get started!
917-842-8088 to register.

Level I Kettlebell Workshop
March 22nd 2009, 9am – 1pm
Instructor Bio
Gregory Landess holds a black belt in the Way Of The Winds system of martial arts. He is a certified holistic health counselor and he holds numerous kettlebell and fitness certifications. His passion has afforded him the privilege to learn from many of the world’s best teachers and he strives to share his knowledge with his students.
“What are kettlebells?”
Kettlebells (KB) have been found throughout history for many centuries and are recently gaining popularity in the United States. Although you may not have heard of them, there are kettlebell associations all over the world and kettlebell lifting is a national sport in some countries. It is important to note that kettlebells are not a fad.
More important than the tool itself are the concepts and techniques you will learn in your practice with kettlebells. Once you get started, you will find the weight to be exceptional and ingenious in its simplicity and design. Unlike dumbbells or conventional weight machines that are perfectly balanced and symmetrical, kettlebells are purposely made with an off-center handle that closely mimic the kind of resistance that we meet in reality. This translates to an uncanny development of flexible and functional strength. The ergonomic design also enables us to flow as we swing the weight and trains us to handle weights with momentum (See: real life).
“What will I learn?”
Workshop students will learn why there is no better tool for strength, conditioning, and fat loss. But keep in mind that although kettlebells are ultra-efficient, any weight training that brings results requires hard-work. No weight training experience is necessary for a level I workshop but participants should be deemed fit by their physicians. Though you may learn a lot from just attending the class and taking notes, all students will be encouraged to work hard as we learn and practice.
With that being said, you will learn most of our physical limits are in the software of our technique rather than the hardware of our bodies. The same techniques that are going to make us safe will also make us stronger.

Course topics include but are not limited to:
·Why every exercise is a core exercise
·How to exponentially increase your upper body strength without bulking up
·How to develop a foundation of strong legs and balance
·How to get more results from your abdominal training in one repetition than you’ve gotten from years of crunches and sit-ups
·How to stimulate muscles you never imagined being able to target
·Exercises to thoroughly warm up, cool down, and recover
·How to conquer training plateaus or barriers
·Why less means more for a lifetime of training
·How to design a program specific to your goals
·How to be confident in weight training
·How elite athletes prepare for the rigors of competition
·How nutrition is integral to your training
“What do I need to bring?”
1.Clothes to move and sweat in
2.Flat soled shoes
3.Water bottle
7.Desire to learn
8.A good attitude.
This rare opportunity to receive cutting edge training with an experienced instructor in a 4 hour intensive workshop is $300. However…
Sign up by February 28st for only $150! or
Sign up by March 14th for $225!
Space is limited for this exclusive workshop so sign up now! Contact gregorylandess@hotmail.com or 917-842-8088 to register.
Peace and strength!