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    Default Workshop with TWO Sr. RKCs TONIGHT!

    Two of the RKCs top Senior Instructors come together to bring you an exclusive and never before seen combination of sinister Hardstyle Kettlebell & innovative Z-Health instruction.

    Sara Cheatham, M.S., Sr. RKC, Level IV Z-Health Movement Coach, reveals the advanced Z-Health secrets behind injury proofing your body from head to toe!

    Doug Nepodal, Sr. RKC, brings the unparalleled approach to optimizing your kettlebell strength & conditioning.

    For the first time, discover how to unlock your true athletic potential—using the fundamental principles of both Hard Style Russian kettlebell training & Z-Health Performance Solutions.

    Using this knowledge, you will easily out-perform past PRs and skyrocket your training progress!

    With the expertise of these professional instructors, you will finally learn the movement skills to boldly & safely surpass the competition.

    Sara brings her experience of extensive work with military and law enforcement…How she instantly relieves their pain and consequently strengthens their combat readiness.

    Doug trains several world champion Jiu-jitsu fighters from the Gracie Barra Family.
    Learn the secrets to the mutant strength of the elite!

    It was a true blessing to be under the teaching of Doug. His demeanor, intensity, knowledge and most importantly his belief in my ability was unmatched. His quick response to correct, advise, and push our team paid big dividends by the end of the weekend. When I double pressed those two 24kg KB's... well, I will never forget that feeling. What I gained from Doug will have an ongoing effect on how I push and encourage my clients. Dave Neal - Brentwood, CA(Nor Cal) USA

    Takes no Prisoners: No holds-barred, flat out, tough! I went through a couple of Sara's workouts. Even though I had been working with kettlebells for a while, I walked away spent. I asked her to critique my form and critique she did. I'm a better man for it. If you're debating whether you'd benefit from Sara's instruction, quit talking and get on it! You'll be better for it as well! Cody Millward - Navarre, FL USA

    Space is limited to ONLY 15 participants

    Date: March 20, 2009 (TONIGHT! There are still a few valuable spaces left)
    Time: 6:30 – 9:00 PM
    Location: Venice High School Athletic Training Room
    2490 Walgrove Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066
    Cost: $120.00 per participant, $150 at the door
    Contact: Kirsten Farrell, MS ATC,
    Sara Cheatham M.S., Sr RKC, LIV Z-Health Movement Specialist,
    Doug Nepodal, Sr. RKC,

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    Damn I wish i lived in CA - great value there. I'll be enviously staring westward tonight!

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    I had to do family stuff or i would of been there.
    Hope it went well for you guys.

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    I too wanted to go but had job training till 6 in Lancaster, so I made other plans. Imagine how pissed I was when they wrapped it all up @ 3:00.
    Ah life....

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    Thumbs up Great Event

    Just wnated to say thanks to Sara and Doug for putting on a great workshop oops cant forget Kirsten and thanks to the other RKCs and attendees for their great input it was money well spent and these two knocked it out of the park!

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    Default The Nation's Capital

    Come to the Nation's Capital!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltpink5 View Post
    Come to the Nation's Capital!!

    Amen to that! SoCal and Minnesota always get all the fun. There is a huge untapped and hungry market in the Mid Atlantic.

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