My understanding of gtg and feed-forward-tension is that your cns learns to recruit more muscle fibers, and use them in a specific pattern.

My question is would it be more efficient to learn a new skill by practicing it with as little resistance as possible rather than in sets of 1-5(assuming your goal is to gain power)? If so, you could practice the movements of a lift your trying to specialize, throughout the day without worrying about fatigue or overworking (on top of the regular gtg with weights). and also does learning to tense your muscles maximally make all your muscle fibers more accessible, or just the fast-twitch ones?

Currently I am trying to master sirsasana (head stand with forearm support). my goal is to be able to hold it for a very long time (the longer the better), but I am just currious if practicing feed-forward-tension will help me to learn to recruit (or just make more accessible) more slow twitch muscles in that position. Having more accesible slow-twitch muscle fibers would mean that while some of the muscles are too tired to keep going, they can rest while other muscle units take over.