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Attn: Kenneth / RKCs - Valsalva and VO2


I appologize if others have seen this question before but it seems valid, so I'll ask it again:

Is the Valsalva necessary in VO2? And when?

It seems that myself and a few others don't naturally perform the manuevre when using a 16kg bell but it is mentioned as eliciting many benefits in the book. Should one purposely close the glottis (sp?) and pressurize for a second if they don't naturally? If so when?

Thanks in advance,
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Ideal Paradigm

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Bumping this thread, because I would like to know as well.

My inclination is that the valsalva maneuver does indeed elicit training adaptations.

I would further add that, from my knowledge of exercise, and the way the book is worded on page 6, that the valsalva maneuver causes concentric hypertrophy. But due to the ballistic activity of the snatch and the nature of VO2 improvement, your eccentric hypertrophy of the heart goes up as well.

This is just what I think, not what it is, so hopefully Kenneth Jay answers.


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Heres another bump. I would really like to see the answer to this. I am sure there is someone looking thaqt knows. Please.

Ideal Paradigm

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Hey guys,

The valsalva is not necessary for VO2max but it is thought to be responsible for causing concentric hypertrophy of the heart during cardiovascular activities which does not happen in most cardio activities.

hope it helps,

Happy Easter!

Ps. Please reveiw VWC here: Viking Warrior Conditioning - Kenneth Jay, Master RKC if you havent done so already.

Awesome, so I did interpret the reading correctly.

If you don't perform the valsalva maneuver, however, will you still get concentric hypertrophy (albeit less)?


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Yes Ideal Paradigm think you are right. If I remember correctly the Advanced Strength Strategies DVD by Kenneth covers this and says that the snatch causes the same concentric hypertrophy without needing to perform the valsalva maneuver.

Ps, Kenneth I will be in touch shortly re my recent email. LLast couple of weeks has been very busy.

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