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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions MEGATHREAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ideal Paradigm View Post
    Fat Loss and Nutrition Information:

    What is the best fat loss program/tool?

    The best fat loss tool would be the Kettlebell if used correctly.

    A steady program of swings and/or snatches will help you lose fat. However, there will come to a point where you will have to alter your diet. There is a Nutrition Forum for that. You may also visit:

    If you would like to purchase an introduction to Nutrition Book, here is the ISBN #: 9780757528729. It is an introduction to nutrition book from one of my university classes. The professor, Dr. Applegate wrote this book, she is very accredited, and extremely knowledgeable. Get this book if you don't want to buy the 8+ different books from Precision Nutrition.

    Fat Loss Threads in the past:

    Fat Loss with Alwyn Cosgrove

    Free PDF from Precision Nutrition: Precision Nutrition Strategies For Success | Precision Nutrition

    How to Lose Weight |#1 Ways How to Lose Weight Blog

    From Dr. MC Schraefel:

    fat - the efficient fuel - just fyi

    respect the fat: why fat is so cool

    happy happy happy with our fat - sort of

    post workout recovery - is the clock ticking?

    Lean Eating: neural training first and mc's C1T sure fire diet

    recovery: what form of protein - bcaa, leucine, whey?
    Very impressive! I like how you reserved posts to insert amendments (if I'm interpretting you correctly). Thank you for taking the time for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ideal Paradigm View Post
    Adding this right now.

    This is in the FAQ at the end of ETK too. I forgot about that, thanks for bringing that up.
    This is an awesome topic, it answers a lot of the questions I originally had. I think this should be a sticky thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ideal Paradigm View Post
    RKC Certification Preparation, Videos by RKCs, and other forum Contributions:

    If you're new to the forum, please utilize the articles. They're extremely valuable, and they may cover many questions that you have.

    Kettlebell Training Articles from Dragon Door Publications sorted by Author ascending

    Bodyweight Strength Training Articles from Dragon Door Publications sorted by Author ascending

    ^^ Those are what I believe are the most common article sections that are used.

    Phenomenal Article Summary of Pavel's Works:

    In addition to the articles already posted, here is a link to older versions of the HardStyle Magazine, they are also phenomenal resources.

    Old HardStyles hold a treasure trove of information, especially the 'Fast Tens' program in the Winter 2005 issue.

    Those can be found here at DD, or a Brad Nelson's site.

    Kinetic Edge Performance – Articles

    Do you believe that some of the articles on Dragon Door contradict each other?

    Could some one help me with these articles...

    If you are interested in what it takes to become an RKC, check this thread out by Dr. MC Schraefel:

    How to Prep for the RKC cert - the other stuff

    Encouragement to those who are overweight/obese using Kettlebells (check out the thread below):

    To the overweight/out of shape

    I have completed (1,2,3,4,5) x 5 Clean and Press with X Kettlebell but I...
    (A) cannot press the next size KB
    (B) cannot press the next size KB for 5 reps yet.

    The solution: Add more ladders and include overload presses on your second variety days.

    Having problems with some of the exercises? Here are some correctional videos.

    Pavel on Hand Care: YouTube - Pavel on Hand Care

    More Hand Care: YouTube - Kettlebell Hand Care

    (Read quote that follows before watching video):
    YouTube - Stability in the Pistol

    YouTube - Kettlebell Swing Corrections

    YouTube - Kettlebell Swing Corrections Pt. 2

    YouTube - Turkish Get Up Corrections

    YouTube - Rack Position Corrections

    YouTube - Kettlebell Military Press Corrections

    YouTube - The Kettlebell Snatch Drop and Catch (updated July 17, 2010)

    How to Change the Game: A Kettlebell Training article from Dragon Door Publications (article for Snatch Drop & Catch)

    YouTube - Kettlebell Snatch Corrections Pt. 1

    YouTube - Kettlebell Snatch Corrections Pt. 2

    YouTube - How to pass the 'new' RKC snatch test

    YouTube - Military Press Negatives to Pull Ups for Lat Activation

    YouTube - Trouble shooting internal shoulder rotation in the snatch

    YouTube - The Kettlebell Snatch Power Chain

    YouTube - How to properly brace your abs in the swing

    (Look at quote below): YouTube - Double Kettlebell Work Pt. 1- Swings

    (Quote below applies): YouTube - Double Kettlebell Work Pt. 2- Clean and Press

    First video below is part 1, then 2, then 3.

    YouTube - Teaching the kettlebell snatch pt. 1

    YouTube - Teaching the kettlebell snatch pt. 2

    YouTube - Teaching the kettlebell snatch pt. 3

    YouTube - Pull Ups From The Floor

    Most of the videos listed above were provided as a courtesy by Jordan Vezina, RKC, 0311bravo is his alias on this forum.

    Three ways to make your press more powerful: Kettlebell Secrets Videos

    Armbar Press:

    Video from Gary Berenbroick: YouTube - RKC Kettlebell Arm Bar and Arm Bar Press

    Video from the Iron Tamer and Geoff Neupert: Iron Tamer and Geoff Neupert answer YOUR questions- T-spine mobility : Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp | Best Kettlebell Workout | Master RKC Certified | Nashville Olde Time Strongman David Whitley
    FYI, a good number of the youtube videos in this post are now private (starting from the swing corrections), just wondering if anyone has alternates.

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    I took down a bunch of them. Just go to
    There are alternates up and the Corrections series is up there as well.

    Z-Health R,I,S, and T
    9S: Strength and Suppleness
    9S: Spirit and Sustenance

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    I found some great workout exquipment and tips at http://www.healthandfitnessproducts...._training.html

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    is it me or is most of the links to older threads dead here???
    Chris Veilegaard, HKC
    Beijing, China

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    What is the best way to feel happy ?

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    Hi Grem, to me you first have to make the decision to be happy. Then after that I would get a career that you love and help others as much as you can!

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    I am a gymnastics coach, and we've just recently started a trampoline team. I've been looking for some good conditioning programs for trampoline.

    It seems to me that kettlebell workouts should be extremely effective in building strength that would be useful to trampolinists; from what I can tell, basic kettlebell swings appear to hit most of the muscles that I'd want trampolinists to develop. However, having very little experience coaching trampoline and zero experience training with kettlebells, I could use some advice.

    First, can young athletes (say, 8-12) safely condition with kettlebells, assuming they are not too heavy?

    Second, am I correct in my assumption that kettlebell swings are a good supplement to trampoline training?

    Third, if the answer to the above two questions is "yes," what's a good weight to start them at?

    Fourth, where can I learn more about proper form and execution on kettlebell exercises? I don't expect to have my athletes doing anything particularly advanced or intense (at least not yet); what I'm looking for is basic exercises that they can do safely and easily, but which will build up strength in the core and lower body.

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    In answer to your questions. Yes young athletes can use kettlebells. Yes kettlebell swings will help with training for trampolines! they help with almost any training. I would advise you to learn and practise some kettlebell exercises before attempting to "teach" as how can you teach without knowing? you can check out some kettlebell training dvds to get started, they are a great way. Good luck Man!
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