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    A famous quote of Thomas Alva Edison is that "Genius is one percent inspiration 99 percent perspiration." I am guessing pro athletes sweat at least twice as much as geniuses so maybe it is 99.5 for athletes. All the same pushing yourself hard on a regular basis on a bad training plan will get results. Some of the strongest and fittest guys I have ever met do all kinds of stuff wrong, what they have in common is more dedication that myself.

    It's often not what you do, but how you do it. I am sure Mr. Bolt rocks that leg press and puts enough yards on the track to turn strength gains on the leg press into speed. Besides we all have different training needs, maybe Usain gets plenty of work on his glutes shooting off the blocks and just wants his training in the gym to focus on the quads more than posterior chain.

    P.S. I will try to call somebody bootlike today, thats a good one.

    P.P.S what's that mean anyhow?

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    Yes, many high level athletes succeed in spite of themselves.
    but take a look at this and tell me they aren't doing everything they can to do things correctly.

    Further - I do not in my heart of hearts believe its necessary to be able to perform sprints VWC style to be a top soccer player. It just does not compute.

    If you DO want a great, reliable measure for what you should be achieving, read this article.
    and its cousin:

    As an ancillary to the whole thing - I am certain that the VWC protocol as laid out in the book will help with almost any endeavor and almost certainly should be pursued. But I think sprinting VWC is doomed to injury, frustration, uneccessary punishment for no gain.

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    Check out Tabat Sprints. Science is already done, papers and results written.
    After warming up and stretching. Do 20 sec. Sprints with 10 sec. rest repeat 6 to 8 times. The actual sprint + rest time is 4 min.

    When Olympic speed skaters did these sprints on stationary bikes they significantly increased MVO2 and anerobic capacity.

    The only good thing about it is that it is over quickly. Just don't plan on them being able to do anything after.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Green UK View Post
    Great, Im very happy with that!

    The competitive aspect of 20 testosterone filled guys should make it very interesting!
    I can imagine a few expletives being thrown your way, under their breath!

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    Default Sprint Intensity

    Does anyone know how to calculate intensity for puroposes applying VWC protocols to sprinting? Some of the VWC protocols call for going at intensities ranging from 120%-140% VO2Max. 100% VO2Max is fairly easy to determine and is described by Kenneth Jay earlier in this thread.
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