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    Default Deadlift program questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Pavel Tsatsouline View Post
    Com. Rob, given your reaction to 85% weights and preference for singles I would try one of Com. Louie Simmons' older DL cycles:

    1. 65%x1/15
    2. 70x1/15
    3. 75x1/12
    4. 80x1/8
    5. 85x1/6
    6. max
    Rest 30-45 sec between sets.

    WSB DLed once a week; you might pull this off daily as long as you max less frequently.

    Try this.

    Week 1
    1. 65%x1/15
    2. 70x1/15
    3. 75x1/12
    4. 80x1/8
    5. 85x1/6
    6. off
    7. off

    Week 2
    Same + 10 lbs.

    Week 3
    Same +10 more lbs.

    Week 4
    Unload with Steve Wilson's DL routine (see RKC)

    Week 5
    Add 5 lbs. to week 3

    Week 6
    Add 5 more lbs.

    Week 7.
    Mon-Fri -off
    Max on Saturday.

    Week 8

    Com. Jack Reape, what do you think?
    Right now I'm doing EDT with kettlebells to put on some mass. I'm taking the first week of May off because of vacation. When I come back I want to try this routine.

    My question is what other exercise would be recommended to do while on this program? And also what exercises should be avoided?

    I definately want to do KB military presses. My military press is very weak right now. I'll probably do ladders 3X's a week with them.

    I'm just not sure how taxing this deadlift program is on the body. And definately don't want to overtrain. My 2 goals right now are to increase my deadlift and military press, but don't want to leave anything else lagging behind for 8 weeks.

    My lifts usually include any of the following: double kb swings, tgu's, double windmills, double kb front squats, renegade rows, bent rows, kb military press, kb push press, kb floor press, cleans, and snatches. I'm also in the process of making 2 homemade pulling sleds, and plan on getting a big old tractor tire in the near future. I'll probably hold off on the tire until I'm done with the 8 week program. I don't see deadlifting 5x a week and fitting tire flips into the same routine.

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    Luke, You will always make better progress if you concentrate on one goal at a time. Only you can tell if you are over training. In my own experience, deadlifting x5 days/week is too much for me. With all the other things I enjoy doing in my workouts 2-3x/week is plenty, and I have frequently made progress DLing only 1d a week, but the other exercises I do complement that. Like back squats and swings. I think if you just concentrate on your presses and your DL you could make good progress. MWF do your kb pressing ladders, M&F do your DL and W do tire flips. Do your swings and snatches for conditioning but keep a little in the tank and remember your goal. Everyone is different, and this was just my opinion. Or just follow Pavel's suggestion and alternate 12wks of ROP with 12 wks of PTTP, and throw in tire flips on variety days.

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