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    Dr. Mark Cheng Guest

    Default Father's Day kettlebell workshop - special deal

    I'm looking forward to being back east again. Back in the mid-Atlantic, where I grew up... this time to teach the RKC system in ultra fine detail, and to spend some time with my parents.

    In case you missed the announcement on Mother's Day weekend, Sandy Sommer & I are offering a special Father's Day registration discount for those of you who'd like to give your Dads (or fathers who'd like to give their kids) the gift of powerful strength, functional movement, and fitness!

    Take 50% off your Dad's registration when you register at the regular price!

    Don't let your Dads grow weak, fat, & disabled! And for you hard-living fathers out there, don't tolerate sissified kids under your roof!

    Sr RKC Will Williams has signed on to help teach this workshop, and we'll be rolling out the Hard Style in High Density. Whether a beginner or an RKC II candidate, we'll be bringing you the best that the RKC system has to offer!

    For the Father's Day kettlebell workshop special discount, please email Sandy Sommer to register at

    We look forward to seeing you at Delaware Kettlebell Workshop With Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC Team Leader -

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    Dr. Mark Cheng Guest

    Default And the day before that...

    I almost forgot to mention the New England workshop that we're having the day before!

    There are already going to be a bunch of RKCs & RKC candidates coming to this one, and it's going to be a BLAST!!!

    Modern Self-Defense Center - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense in Middletown, Connecticut - Kettlebell Warrior - Seminar

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    Dr. Mark Cheng Guest


    This is going to be a great trip!

    As I mentioned on the RKC forum, I'm looking forward to meeting the RKCs that I haven't met before, as well as reuniting with many whom I've not seen in ages.

    To all of you who are sitting on the fence with one of these workshops, if you miss these workshops, I do hope you'll eventually make it to train with one of the RKCs who do make it to my workshops.

    I can guarantee that the quality of instruction will give you more value and more benefit with less "baggage".

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