Here's a link to an mp3 I made that has a beep every time you're supposed to snatch for the cadence test. Switch hands when you hear a high beep. For the sixth minute, there are no beeps because you're supposed to do as many as you can in that minute, so a robotic voice says "go as fast as you can" on the sixth minute. When you hear that, start counting until you hear three beeps. Test over. Use that number to determine your cadence. (Multiply that number by .6 and round up to get number of reps for 36:36. Divide number by 4 for the 15:15 reps.)

Kenneth Jay mentioned before that he holds the kettlebell overhead in lockout between reps while taking the test.

Feel free to use this mp3 however you want non-commercially. I was going to charge money for this, but felt like a douche about it considering how much free advice I've gotten from the forums, so here it is for free. Enjoy!

Here's the link:
Snatch Cadence Test MP3