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Beyond Kettlebells:
Fusing RKC principles with Z-Health concepts to maximize athletic performance

You Will Learn:
  • How to combine principles of these top-level training systems to get the most from your training
  • Secrets that separate the elite from the ordinary
  • How you can "take off the brakes" mentally to break through long-standing performance plateaus
  • How to increase neuro-pathways to make you quicker, stronger, and super-resilient!
  • How to recover faster & optimize efficiency
  • How to be powerful & pain free at any age and fitness level!
Date: 20 June 2009
Time: 12-5PM
Host: CrossFit Virginia Beach
217 First Colonial Road, Suite #106
Virginia Beach, VA 23434
Cost: $100 pre-registered ($125 at the door)
Contact: Bob Orr rjorr1@gmail.com OR
Sara Cheatham SaraCheatham@hotmail.com or (702) 510-4604
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Sara Cheatham M.S., Senior RKC, Z-Health Master Trainer Intern, trains a variety of athletes from housewives to elite US military units. Sara is widely recognized for her "no nonsense" approach to teaching advanced kettlebell and joint mobility physical strategies safely and efficiently.
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