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    Default Pull up bar diameter

    So, after yet another trip to a local sports store I have noticed that I am able to double the amount of pull ups that I can do at home. The only difference being that at home I am using a 1 1/4" galvanized bar, and at the store I was using a "power tower" with about a half inch diameter. Take into mind that I am only able to do 3-4 pull ups at home vs 6-8 at the store, according to how I feel that day. I think I'll go get a smaller bar to put at home, at least until I can complete 10 reps consistently.

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    I'm guessing this is because your grip is giving out at home. If so, the size of the pull-up bar would be determined by whether or not you want to increase your grip strength before you get a stronger back and arms. Personally I would stick with the thicker bar.

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    The bar you have at home sounds like a standard pullup bar diameter.

    It will pay off in the long run to work your pullups on the standard bar. Your grip will be important as you add reps. I wouldn't do anything to make it easier. jmo.

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