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    Default Pull-up without a pull-up bar

    Came across an interesting article

    Other ideas anyone?

    I am personally using two garage door handles screwed into a wooden beam in the basement.
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    I made a pullup bar out of steel piping from Home Depot... total cost about $20 CDN... same idea as this one:

    Homemade Pullup Bar | Celtic Kane Online

    Works great... and I bought 2 ft pieces of chain, and with a couple of clips, and handles from my home gym, I hand them from my pullup bar and I can do ring dips, rows, pushups etc....
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    I once posted a thread with exactly the same idea. You can also do door pullups.
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    thanks, i got some ideas now, i miss my pullups! i just moved and have no place to put a door pullup bar. i have been doing bodyweight rows while hanging from the handles of a portable walker (the kind od folks use). i also use it for my dips. it's sturdy and folds up nicely for storage behind a door. hopefully that's all i'll ever have to use it for.

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