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    Default Viking Warrior Conditioning

    Thank You Kenneth Jay! Viking Warrior Conditioning is incredible. My heart rate has plummeted 5 beats per min, in just 5 workouts. I cant wait to unleash my Viking fury on my enemies!

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    Agreed. I've never kept a strict log of my resting heart rate but I know that before embarking on VWC at the turn of the year my resting HR was somewhere in the mid to high 60s. Pre KBs about 10-11 months ago my resting HR was somewhere around the 70s. Now it's in the low to mid 50s. At times I've even found my resting HR to be as low as the low to mid 40s FWIW... I'm approx. 5'9"-5'10" and 210 lbs. Kettlebells (ETK, VWC) + Warrior Diet = loss of 10-15 lbs and major fitness gains.... very nice!
    Unfortunately, due to my schedule the last few months (and likely the next few as well for the most part ) my martial arts training has been on the back burner. I can't wait to get back in on one of our judo and/or grappling nights to see the full cardio carryover from VWC in full effect.
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    I just ordered the book but don't need any diet as I'm a vegan, raw foodist. No fat loss needed, just better conditioning to enhance my bodweight exercises and other kettlebell routines which, in turn, will enhance my krav maga training. Sounds like the Viking Warrior workout is a winner in itself!

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