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    Nov 2008

    Default ROP or Viking Warrior after ETK program minimum?

    At the moment Im doing the program minimum from ETK and I think Ill soon be ready for the next step. Do you guys think that the ROP are the way to go?
    Or do you think that Viking Warrior is better? Or are there a way to make them work together?

    I perhaps also should say that Im preparing for a 30 km cross-country run in late september so I run 2-3 times per week.


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    The logic is to follow the ETK plan as laid out with the rop. Maybe do the ROP first and after that start over with the ETK minimum again but this time instead of the "traditional" manmaker do the viking warrior.

    Maybe others have other views and as you are preparing for a 30 KM cross-country run it might not be bad to work on your conditioning.

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