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Thread: GTG Rx Question

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    Default GTG Rx Question

    I have decided to use the AOS Providence DVD for my workouts for the next several months. I am doing the 45 minute Providence workout on M,W,F, as well as several martial arts sessions per week. I would like to grease the groove on the bent press. I work in a home office, and have access to 62 and 70 pound kettlebells all day. My current bent press max is 115. I can take the 70 pounder for a set of 4 with no problem.

    If you were going to prescribe a gtg program for someone like me, what would you recommend? How often? How heavy? Any suggestions?

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    You are lucky to work in a place where you have that kind of access to training tools all day every day. I am also one of the lucky ones and live in my studio. When I was GTG'ing the pullup, I did a rep or two on the hour, every hour. I have spoken with some people who did 5 reps of a certain lift every time they ate - just make sure you have a system you can stick with. For bent presses, it is really difficult if the weight isn't heavy enough to command perfect form. For example, my bent press with a 12kg is pure... garbage.... but I have a sort of pretty one with a 24kg. Just make sure that the weight is heavy enough to command good form. And if you're concentrating on bent presses, really work on T-spine mobility. Get-ups will help with that.
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