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Here’s just a small sample from the current endorsements and reviews on our site:

"Pavel is the reason I started using kettlebell exercises with all my clients so I was anxious to get my hands on Return of the Kettlebell. Pavel, as always, gets straight to the point with his concise, logical, and entertaining writing style. The pictures perfectly depict what you should and shouldn't do to master these awesomely explosive lifts. The book is loaded with tips, tricks, and proven training principles that will supercharge your body and performance."
—Chad Waterbury, neurophysiologist, author of Huge in a Hurry

"I have used kettlebells in my program for years with fantastic results. The combination of movements provide the professional athlete with a unique challenge available from no other piece of equipment. I have followed Pavel's principles in designing my training systems, now with Return of the Kettlebell book and DVD you can take your training to the next level. The guidelines outlined in the DVD and companion book are ideal for athletes who must be strong and explosive. The book has excellent program design hints that allow you to adapt the training to the specific goals you seek. The book and DVD are a STRONG combination that everyone should have in their own personal strength and conditioning library."
—Stan Kellers, Assistant Coach of Strength, Cavaliers Operating Company

"So you've mastered the Enter the Kettlebell Rite of Passage...200 x 24kg snatches and a 1/2 bodyweight press. What's next? Return of the Kettlebell, if you have what it takes.
ETK outlined a program utilizing one-arm kettlebell exercises and a test, which when passed separated the men from the boys, the women from the girls. Return of the Kettlebell doubles the pain and doubles the fun with double kettlebell clean and jerks, snatches, front squats, presses, deadlifts and the Viking Push Press. The RTK program for size, strength and power is a unique and challenging protocol that will further clarify the RKC gene pool.
When I first saw the program, I asked Pavel, "Who is this program directed towards? It is really innovative and it is really tough and I really think it would kill me!!' Chief Instructor replied, "Comrade Randy, this program is only for those who desire to be real kettlebell studs. It is not for everyone.' And so it isn't.
And that is the RTK challenge in a nutshell. Is it for you? Do you want to be a real kettlebell strong man or strong woman? If so, then be careful what you wish for: the Return of the Kettlebell will give you as much you can handle and more."
—Randy Hauer, RKC Team Leader

"If I say, that I"ve been impressed, reading Pavel's new book, that would be an understatement. I found Return of the Kettlebell highly explosive itself. And I literally mean it, because this book delivered what should be essential not only for a fitness enthusiast, but for every athlete who wishes to achieve their highest potential in their sport activities.
I would also recommend this book for athletic coaches working with teams and preparing them for competitions, not only for amateurs, but also professional athletes.
When we talking about explosiveness, we usually assume fast means speed, and speed is essential for many sports. Speed is King, as the old proverb puts it. And this is a major red line of this book. If you really want to achieve a positive result, while training in sports like basketball, football, volleyball, track and field, then this book for you.

What I like the most about Return of the Kettlebell is that it is also a functional book, charted with a well designed progression plan, without fluff bringing you directly from point A to point B, and this is exactly what you paid for—no funny games!
One more time Pavel has proved that the kettlebell is a great tool for achieving maximum results, either in training for strength, strength endurance, speed strength, or explosiveness.
Spasibo Comrade Pavel!"
—Aleksandr Khasin, Private Trainer, Reebok Sports Club/NY,B.S.,ISSA,NASM

"After 30 years in the game I'm still always amazed by what Pavel manages to create. Pavel is a minimalist who is also a seeker. Just when you think you need to move on to the "next cool thing' to make progress, Pavel reminds you how much potential there is in really digging into the stuff that works. His ability to synthesize hardcore, old school kettlebell work, the latest research, and innovative training templates always gets me fired up to head into the basement to train. They say, "growing old is not for sissies'; Pavel's work is a big part of living that creed for me."
—Bill Fox, 49 years old, Attorney/consultant, Masters Winner 2005 Tactical Strength Challenge

Well, here it is...the book I always wanted.

I'm not sure I can speak highly enough about "Return of the Kettlebell." Maybe it's the little things, like how we are walked through the squat with pictures that answer so many questions for the novice or the several pages dedicated to the Hip Flexor stretch. Honestly, the devil is in the details when it comes to working the hips and shoulders and the RKC system is clearly miles ahead of anybody else when it comes to exacting explanations of how to deal with the "four knots."
It could be the "big things." I never thought much of Double Kettlebell Cleans because I have such a history with the O lifts. Maybe, just maybe, it could be because I never did them right! Something as simply as the "V" position changes the lift forever and, if you need to be gassed, go right ahead and do a set of ten. Not enough, add some Front Squats.

I'm not sure most people reading the book will understand the challenge of the training system outlined. A double snatch followed by double presses followed by Front Squats? Good luck!
There is not enough hyperbole in my body to express how much I like this book. We are at an amazing time in the community. The new "Kettlebells from the Ground Up," Kenneth's new V02 Max book and this book and DVD show the maturation of the RKC. It is not enough to just get people tired...any fool can do that! It is important to manage rest period with effort, proper alignment, proper tools, proper load and a systematic approach to whatever goal is in the sights. ROTK is now the standard, the very high standard, of what to expect in the RKC texts.
To say that this work is "amazing" is an understatement. Anyone who plays with kbells must use this book as a resource. Completing the program and goals set in this book is a worthy fight for any man.
Dan John, RKCTL - Murray, UT

Another Home Run!
Pavel hits another home run with his new book "Return of the Kettlebell". I shouldn't, nor should anyone, be surprised at this considering his already state of the art and groundbreaking body of work but here he goes again, covering new ground and teaching us all that the applications of the kettlebell are much deeper than anyone ever thought.
One of the main things that differentiates Pavel and the RKC from every other 'wanna be' kettlebell course or book is that the man understands the bell is a tool and HOW one uses it is the key to creating an almost unlimited array of training gains, from insane cardiovasuclar endurance to, now, incredible muscle growth, all with the same basic tool.
Using the key principles of the RKC, just in new configurations, Pavel teaches us how to 'muscle up' with double bell work, overload eccentrics and how to use explosive power as well as high tension to get the job done and build some serious muscle.
When powerlifing squat god Donnie Thompson says double bell front squats make him work then ALL should listen!
Bravo Pavel, again, for leading the charge of the bleeding edge of the state of the art.
No matter what the training goal, Pavel has a kettlebell solution that WORKS.
Get this book and dvd!
Mark Reifkind, Master RKC Instructor - San Jose Ca

Enter the Kettlebell sets the standard from boy to man
now Pavel sets the standard from man to monster in his new and absolutely magnificent book Return of the Kettlebell. If Enter the kettlebell gave you the strength and physique of Spiderman then Return of the Kettlebell will make your skin green and turn you into a copy of Dr. Bruce Banner's alter ego.
Pavel has outdone himself and laid out the plan for explosive muscle gains and extraordinary strength- only one thing is required of you if you chose to follow the path.. you gotta have the heart to follow it through... just be careful you don't Incredibly HULK your shirt in the process
Kenneth Jay, Master RKC - Slangerup, Denmark