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This isn't true of all climbers. There are many who are very smart with their training and can lift good weights. Back in the Himalayas i met with climbers who lifted heavy for low reps and that was back in '95. The key is to keep lean, work strength and practice the specific movements that climbing requires. (as for the vest idea don't bother). Also remember that many excellent athletes perform in this realm much like gymnasts with only working with their bodyweight. Much like gymnasts if you put them to the test in a weight room they normally pull off some surprises in how much they can lift.
right on.

making generalizations about any population is as stupid as the advice someone criticizes.

I totally get what Jag says about bodyweight pulls: climbers are strong powerful and wiry - at least the ones who actually climb rather than talk about it, and can pull themselves around an underhang.

I've just been working with a climber and watching him do corncob pull ups, full circle pullups, muscle ups like they were nothing, and one arm chins is stunning.