Be prepared for & understand the buzz about Z-Health at your RKC!

with the RKC coming to the east coast, you can!

Red Star Athletics (aka Sara Cheatham) is teaming up with RKC II Phil Scarito for THE ULTIMATE RKC preparation Workshop just in time for the Philly RKC

The RKC certification weekend is tough- both physically and mentally. A lot of people come under prepared and over confident, with existing injuries, and even have old injuries crop up again because of the shear amount of volume throughout the weekend.

Many put all their focus on passing the snatch test. Be reminded: the snatch test is merely the prelim. to evaluate that you have the basics skills to enter the grueling weekend. In other words, don't put all your eggs in the snatch basket. Do your homework and have the snatch test down so you can ease that burden and not have it hanging over your head for the remainder of the weekend.

With the volume of gripping throughout the RKC, completing the snatch test and having it behind you first thing on day one will set you up for a much better mind-frame to enter the weekend. In most cases, hands get so beat up that if you don't complete your snatch test on day one, first thing, you have to see a Sr. RKC well after the cert when your hands are capable of doing so. This can be a real bummer if you've been successful at everything else during the RKC and could have walked away with your certification if only you'd passed the snatch test on day one.

At my workshop with Phil, you will walk away with the confidence, tools, and knowledge to successfully set you up for a healthy RKC weekend.

We'll familiarize you with the RKC weekend layout, what to wear, what to bring, tweak your basic six RKC drills, and arm you with corrective drills you can individually apply during the weekend as personal troubles pop-up.

We'll help put your mind at ease so you can concentrate on learning...Learning to refine your kettlebell technique and teaching/coaching craft.

You haven't sign-up yet? Too bad, there are only a few spots left at this valuable preparatory workshop!

Go here NOW to sign-up...before YOUR spot is taken!

P.S. I'll have my products: Strength By Sara DVD & NEW! E-book, available at a discount for this workshop's attendees only!