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New member
Sometimes the default search box for the forum doesn't seem to catch the stuff you know is in here somewhere.

if you go to advanced search (click on search and then hit "advanced search" under the text box), and know some words from a post AND one of the posters, you
can start typing in the posters name on the right box and a drop down list of known id's will show up - pick one or finish typing in the id.

in the left box, put in the search terms.

i've found this can help resuscitate previous threads that the regular search box may not catch.


Ideal Paradigm

New member
By nature of you posting these types of things, I'm guessing that many people also don't know about these types of features. I've added this thread and your other thread about reputation to the FAQ thread.

I discovered this a few months ago when threads that I was looking for didn't show up in the basic search, but I thought everyone already knew about this.
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