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    Default First grip accomplishment!

    I got my coc #1 about 7 weeks ago. I overdid it the first week, and the following two weeks I felt like I had broken bones in my hands. That healed, and after another week's break for safety's sake I started training with my brain engaged as well as tension in other areas. This is my third week in a row doing three sets of five reps with the #1 twice a week. The first week I didn't make all 5 reps on a couple of the sets, and this week I started doing two single attempts per side at closing the gripper with the skin of my hand hanging slightly over the top (spring side) of the handles, 'choking up' on it, after my 3x5 normal sets. This is significantly harder, and the first few times I tried it I couldn't even get close (maybe 3/4" best attempt last week or earlier this week). Today, after my normal sets, I closed it completely holding it that way with my right hand and closed it to within 1/4" with my left hand, proof that my grip strength is raising significantly less than three weeks into training 3x5 twice a week!

    Anyone every tried using the grippers this way?
    Can anyone with a #1 and #2 do a comparison of closing a #2 certificaiton style vs. a #1 holding it on the spring side of the handles?

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