Yesterday I did some roofing work, which required some odd clambering (insufficient ladders, but it wasn't dangerously high) and working positions that I haven't subjected myself to for quite some time (4 years, 6?...). I was reminded how I am typically more solid and able to do things like that comfortably while on kettlebell routines than on other workout programs. Running 2 miles+ per day didn't do that for me, and heavy barbell lifting keeps me a little drained, but kb's do the trick and keep me ready for manly work . By kettlebells, I mean hard style training programs and techniques from Pavel, dragon door, and all of the other good people involved. The continued evolution of hard style training methods and the dedication the people involved have in perfecting it is inspiring when everything else is so static and 'cookie-cutter' packaged and infomercialed. Rather than a product, it's a mindset and community - keep up the great work!