I'm not an arm wrestler - it hurts my elbow and just seems like a bad idea, but once in a while I get talked into it. I've been on the rite of passage for a copule weeks with the 24 and pullups, following a month of high rep snatches and seesaw presses (all 24kg), and before that a bench and dl program, which came after the ETK PM up to 32kg. Before that was my 6 month intro to powerlifting. I was a big wuss less than a year ago, thanks to my desk job, and what usually happens when I try to arm wrestle is that my wrist flops backwards and I lose any edge in the fight pretty quickly.

Well last Saturday I was at my friend's birthday party, and I got to meet his friend, Wolfgang, who happened to be 'Mr. Rheinland Pfalz' (A large county/state in germany) a couple decades ago, and really isn't far past his prime (although he's got a traditional german beer belly atm). To get to the point before I go on forever - we ended up arm wrestling, since he heard I had done some training with kettlebells, and I showed one of them to my friend who was curious. That man is really strong, and we put our off hands behind our heads, giving me a further weight disadvantage - he got my arm down pretty quick - by he couldn't bend my wrist back at all from the locked forward position, or get my arm down the last 3" to the table no matter how hard he tried - something that seemed to really shock and impress him. I was also shocked, and might have even come back after some time if I hadn't wussed out (my elbow has a nice rasberry atm).

Anyway, there it is - I've had considerably weaker people wrench my wrist back in the past, but no more - WTH .