Iíll try to make this as concise as possible Ė Iím kinda wordy left to my own ways, so hereís a summary for those who might not want to read the whole story: I was diagnosed with a ľĒ short leg at 14 yrs old, have worn a lift since, recently at 28 yrs old just tweaked my back with kb work, got adjusted by my chiropractor (who had said before that I donít need the lift but should do what feels right Ė lift had felt right previously), suddenly the lift feels weird but back feels better Ė kbís +chiropractic seems to have rehabbed my back and hip misalignment/alleged short leg issue after 14 years.

And hereís the long version:

When I was around 14 (14 years ago), I was put on a funny contraption that looked like a scale but with two platforms. The chiropractor elevated one of my feet with the machine, and it made my spine go from looking crooked (think scoliosis) to looking straight. I was diagnosed with having a short leg, and Iíve had a ľĒ or so heel lift to use in my left shoe ever since.

I visited a chiropractor here in Germany about a year ago (27 y/o) for an adjustment and to get an opinion/checkup on the heel lift thing. Itís always felt comfortable, but it seemed like it was time. He said he could make an adjustment and I shouldnít need something like that at all, but if it wasnít comfortable without it then I should just do what was comfortable. After the adjustment, walking without the lift still felt like walking in a hole as it always had, so I continued its use and everything was fine.

Last weekend I was having fun with my new 24kg kettlebells at my friendís camp-like ground (a couple acres in the woods with a bbq pit, small cabin, etc). Since I donít have my own yard to use, and all previous kettlebell work was with gym-owned equipment, literally throwing them around for the first time was fun. Maybe I was a little overzealous, though, because something tweaked in my upper back about halfway through my actual workout (ETK RoP). Iím not sure if it was from the throwing, the main kb work, or the odd pull-ups (ended up doing them on an odd beam that was 18Ē or so tall), but it was the end of the workout for that day to say the least - I could barely turn my head or stand straight.

I got somewhat better over the next couple days and even did a couple workouts, but I remained stiff and sore up until today Ė so I went to the chiropractor for an adjustment to see if that would help (I was due anyway). The adjustment helped a lot and releived the tension and pain, but the craziest thing happened when I took a walk around the pond behind the chiropractorís office (standard procedure there). I felt like my left foot was too high - the heel lift didnít feel right anymore. I took it out, and for a wonder it didnít feel like I was walking in a hole (of course it still felt different, but thatís expected after 14 years of its useÖ). I tried a sumo/swing stance and it felt great and more stable than normal (Iíve always used my lift when working out Ė as a teen it had helped with running and other sports activities, and Iíve just always used it). I think the kb work (the tweak actually occurred/became apparent during hardstyle 24kg kb military presses) somehow forced my back/hips into alignment (at the vehement protest of my muslces and nerves for a timeÖ). This is after over 14 years! Iím already sold on hardstyle kettlbell training, but I never expected this! I'm pretty excited about it - needing that lift is annoyong and made wearing sandals/going barefoot a bad idea before...