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Thread: MY Bear!

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    Default MY Bear!

    I have been doing what i thought was correct for the bear routine! I do the bench press and deadlift for my 2 exercises, i have done the workout 10 times and have useda mix of the step and linear cycles to structure my progression.

    this workout my weights were
    Bench: 80kg by 5, 72.5 x 5 then 10 sets of 65 by 5
    deadlift: 130kg by 5, 117.5x 5 then 17 sets of 105 x 5
    The last set of deads is a killer but i still feel i have a couple more reps in me.
    I seem to be recovering okay in fact i feel fantastic after the workout i do it Mon, wed Friday. adding 2.5kg every second session.

    My questions are
    1) are the pressing exercises meant to be done with this volume or in a PTTP style to set Style
    2) How long can the bear be continued whilst still achieving strength/ size gains
    3) When i stall should i shift to PTTP style for a few cycles then get back to the bear ?

    Any answers/ personal results would be greatly appreciated

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    When you stall, switch the variables. You might want to change to another deadlift variation.
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