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    kj when is that book going to be here, and are you writing one on the pullup as well?

    thanks frank

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    Default You may also want to think about the following...

    Double pressing is not the same as single pressing. A single at 32kg does not mean that you are ready to work with 24kg doubles for the following reason.
    1) You have 48kg to stabilize. Maybe a problem with core or thoracic extension.
    2) You may have asymmetries that are not exposed during singles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth Jay View Post
    1. revisit the TGU Khalos Stenos
    2. Make sure you are not jamming your shoulder joint. My upcoming book perfecting the press covers it.
    3. See a Z-health coach and get your bone rhythm checked out

    Thanks Kenneth. I actually recently got Khalos Stenos and have gone through it a few times and have been working on my getup form 3x/week for a couple weeks. I've also started VWC, too - that's some tough work there! Props on the book - It came in the mail with the Khalos Stenos set . Are there Z-health coaches around in Germany?

    For the second workout in a row (yesterday) my dual presses have been stable. I did 4 sets of 5 dual C&P with 2x24kg bells. The fourth and fifth rep were grinds, but don't wobble if I focus my mind more on my left arm than my right in addition to maintaining full body tension and grip tension on the handles. It seems to me that squeezing the handles hard helps more than anything else.

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