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    Default Sr RKC Sara Cheatham Z/RKC workshop in Gainesville, FL Nov 7

    Join Z-Health master Trainer Intern and
    the only female Senior RKC, Sara Cheatham
    for an 8-hour kettlebell workshop
    hosted by Jennifer Bryan, RKC

    November 7, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.

    Join us for a day of learning and camaraderie in beautiful north central Florida on the banks of the Sante Fe River at Ginnie Springs Outdoors.

    We will spend the first half of the day covering the basics:
    swings, get-ups, cleans, and presses.

    After lunch, we will address the squat and snatch and cover the more advanced skills of the windmill, bent press, and pistol.

    Throughout the day, Sara will share her Z-Health wisdom, covering the importance of the Z-Health Joint Mobility Neural Warm-up to squat deeper, stretch further, and recover faster.

    We will finish off the day with a workout you can easily implement into your current routine followed by spring-side cookout and camp fire.

    Whole day (including the cookout)..... $175
    To join us only for a Half-day..... $150

    FREE copy of Sara's latest dvd: Strength by Sara to the first 5 paid attendees.
    FREE copies of Sara's latest e-book: Strength by Sara to paid attendees 6-10.
    Limited to 15 participants

    Register at:
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