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    It's technique. I would have to see you to tell you what is going on though. Unless you are not built like other humans the length of your arm will not effect it.

    From Kempo I know that for the most part humans are about the same length from the elbow to the wrist. The difference in the length of the arm is primarily made up in the upper arm and the hand and fingers. All Okinawan Kempo kata technique for arm striking is based on this and I have measured by comparison hundreds if not thousands of different people. A 6'4" person will be within 1/2 inch of a 5'8" person from the elbow to the wrist, but will have 6 inch reach advantage. shhhh don't tell anyone, ancient kempo secret :-)

    So that is why it is almost for sure a technique problem and not the length of your arm.

    Can you post a video, also Sara's post is old, I have never seen it but it is an excellent post on the clean. Read it carefully, especially the part about pulling the hand as the bell passes about the belly button height.

    Most people try to tame the arc way to late on the clean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozz64 View Post
    Hey Sara, you have DVD as well don't you? Can I assume it has more technique gems like this one?

    I have this DVD and the instruction is very precise and very well demonstrated. It really helped me clean up my snatches and windmills. I highly recommend it.

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