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    Default First ROP Heavy Day w/ New Bell

    So I worked out with my 24kg bell today. Jumped from 16kg straight to the 24kg after pressing 5 X (1,2,3,4,5). I was wondering if I should go to 20, but thought I'd just work up to the 24 if need be.

    Anyhoo, I pressed a strict 3 X (1,2,3) & did 4 min of hard swings. It seems to be the perfect weight! I think I would have been let down by the 20 had I discovered I could do more than three reps.

    Got a real nice workout & was really able to "feel" the weight if ya know what I mean.

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    After I became too comfortable with the 16, I am doing the PM with the 24. Still a bit too hard to press the 24. TGUs are okay but I need to really focus, as are snatches and high pulls. I know I will go into the ROP when the time is come. You are obviously strong and can move straight into the ROP. Congrats.
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